Roller Mill:

  • The Roller Mill HVS-300-300 is made of stainless steel, and intended for the specific purpose of crushing ”propants” or ”kaks”.
  • The Roller Mill HVS-300-300 is equipped with 2 mill rollers coated with hard metal;
  • these are individually, but synchronously, driven ”fixed rollers”, which are adjusted to have a fixed desired distance, and are thus not in direct contact.
  • To ensure against overloading or foreign elements in the product, the rollers are fixed by means of a hydraulic tensioning system enabling the rollers to open.
  • The hydraulic tensioning system consists of 2 cylinders and 1 Diaphragm accumulator and a manometer. The pressure is applied / adjusted for 1 roller by means of a manually activated oil pressure pump.
  • As the outset the pressure has been fixed at 50 bar, i.e. the pressure is 2500 kilos per cylinder, entailing a roller pressure of 5000 kilos.



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