Envitec have access to a dynamic team of Oil and Gas specialists worldwide for both onshore and offshore installations and all associated skill sets to suit the client’s requirements.

A multi-national presence provides us with access to a global talent pool through which we are able to mobilize experienced Oil & Gas service personnel worldwide. In addition to this our value added services and in country presence ensure that integration of our manpower is seamless for the client.

Achieving the project requirements through:

  • Our unique understanding of project objectives acquired through experience and of being on site at hundreds of successfully completed projects
  • A track record of delivering quality and experienced manpower solutions as promised
  • Our workforce to recognises flexibility and ensures compliance with both quality & safety
  • Our large pool of experienced oil & gas service engineers who we retain from contract to contract
  • Mobilisation of manpower at a moment’s notice including accommodation, transport, visas, logistics & in country presence


Sven Egil Tjørhom – CEO
(+47) 90 61 61 62

Siri Tjørhom – Managing Director
(+47) 99 10 99 80

Kyla Gaulton – Warehouse & Logistics Manager
(+47) 96 22 55 99

Tore Rygh – Head of Sales
(+47) 918 90 242