Supavac is owned by Air Automation Group, located in NSW, Australia. We are proud to be a Supavac distributor.

NMI is our trusted supplier for the maintenance and service of our hydraulic check valve. NMI is located in Bryne, only 15 minutes from our warehouse. We value our community.

Our trusted quality hose supplier and local business for quick and easy delivery.

Vision & Design AS, an Envitec Company. Vision & Design AS is an in-house supplier assisting in graphic design, engineering, manufacturing and consulting. We are dedicated to using local and domestic resources.

Hydroscand is a local hose supplier, also in Forus close to our offices.

Dunlop Hiflex AS is a trusted partner in delivering hoses. Dunlop Hiflex AS is also a local company in Klepp, close to our offices and warehouse in Sandnes.

Circular Services AS, an Envitec company. Circular Services is our newest supplier for service and maintenance. The company consists of experienced workers with many years of industry practice. Located just across the street from our Envitec facilities makes logistics and communication very efficient. Welcome to the team.

Mento is local partner for spares, hoses and accessories. A trusted supplier for many years