Supavac for the agriculture industry

Understanding Pure Vacuum Pumping & Pneumatic Conveying Modes of the SupaVac


SupaVac Solids Pumps, slurry and sludge pumps have the capability of recovering material by two modes, the first being ‘pure vacuum’ whilst the second is ‘air conveying’.

As a general rule, pure vacuum would be used for removing sludge from beneath liquid or for rapid liquid loading or slurry loading  within close proximity to the machine. In this mode, the vacuum tube is totally submersed in the liquid and only material (no air) transports through the line. The maximum vertical suction lift from the machine to the surface cannot exceed 9.2 metres at sea level assuming water is the liquid.  Horizontal suction distances would be greater.  For materials of a higher density than water, these figures must be reduced accordingly.  This mode is a conventional pumping technique with the material being displaced by negative pressure.However, the SV solids pumps, slurry pumps and sludge pumps can transcend conventional pumping techniques by pneumatically conveying materials.



Pneumatic conveying is a method of handling materials by utilising high velocity airflow with a pipeline.  This requires sufficient air velocity to pass the material being picked up to capture it and convey it through the vacuum tube to the machine.

The air velocity is kept up by not fully submersing the nozzle or by allowing air to the pick-up point via a snorkel tube attached to the nozzle.

The SV Solids Pumps are designed to convey recovered material under pressure through a pipeline or into a collection vessel.  Alternatively, deadheads and cuttings carousels are available which absorb and dissipate the discharge pressure and allow the delivery of material under gravity to a confined location such as a conveyor belt or drill cuttings skip.Two modes of positive pressure discharge are used in SV Solids Pumps; dense phase and lean phase pneumatic conveying.


  • Coal and other mining slurries
  • Longwall slurry control
  • Thickener de-sludge
  • Sump, shaft and pipeline cleaning
  • Tank and drain cleaning
  • Petrochemical tank cleaning
  • Tailings transfer, dewatering
  • Power station ash pond cleaning
  • Rapid spillage recovery
  • Oil spill capture and transfer
  • Hazardous waste recovery & transfer
  • Drilling cuttings
  • OBM transfer and pit cleaning
  • Agricultural product and waste
  • Dam desilting, mud
  • Bentonite, sand and cement powders transfer
  • Effluent and processing waste
  • Pulp and paper mill waste
  • Tunnelling TBMS and continuous mining
  • Pneumatic excavation
  • Barge, ballast tank and ship cleaning
  • Wash plant and under belt cleaning
  • Bulk transfer load and unload


SupaVac Solids Pumps are capable of pumping any flowable material including liquids, liquors, slurries, mud, slimes, sand, gravel, powders and any more. Where other pumps cannot operate, SupaVac Solids Pumps provide a simple, safe and versatile solution.

SupaVac Pumps have been utilised all over the world to provide effective solutions for a wide range of product transfer problems, environmental spillage control, hazardous environments and many other applications.

Reducing OH&S risks as they are simple to operate, air operated with no moving parts & many models handled by one operator. The powerful vacuum reach means pumping from dangerous or confined spaces is made possible, while minimising risk.